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10 Mantras for a Successful Move to S/4HANA

Prepare your Business for SAP S/4HANA

Are You an SAP ERP Customer? 

Are you an SAP ERP customer? If so you are probably aware that SAP launched S/4HANA back in 2015 the successor to SAP ECC 6.0, heralded as the biggest update in SAP’s strategy and platform in over two decades.

You may well have also heard about the SAP Intelligent Enterprise (of which S/4HANA is at the heart). SAP ECC was released in 2004 and was not developed for today’s evolving digital economy and as such is now an outmoded technology with SAP promoting transformation to the Intelligent Enterprise. SAP mainstream support for SAP Business Suite 7 core applications will end in 2027.

Running away from a problem or running towards an opportunity?

Outside of the customer base who either implemented S/4 from the beginning or have already transitioned, if you run an SAP ERP system you probably fall into one of two camps.

The first is running towards the opportunity of what S/4HANA can do for their business by utilising new functionality and capability.

The second group is running away from the threat of falling behind or becoming out of date and un-supported. Either way you probably recognise that you need to transition sometime between now and 2027 but …and it’s a big but ….you have a lot of questions and gaps in your understanding. If that sounds like you complete the form to download the 10 Mantras for a Successful Move to S/4HANA.

Thinking of Moving to S/4HANA?

Leading analysts make three clear recommendations for SAP ERP customers:

i) If your organisation views SAP as a strategic partner, you need to plan to adopt S/4HANA before the end of SAP ECC mainstream support.

ii) The longer you wait the higher the risk and cost to your organisation will be as the best resources become more scarce as the deadline approaches.

iii) Even if your company decides not to adopt S/4HANA immediately, you still need to consider the changes imminent with S/4HANA and create your plan.

The first step in your path to S/4HANA is understanding. To prepare for a successful move to S/4HANA, read our white paper today to start your journey.


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