Maintain Employee Engagement during these Unprecedented Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread disruption to business operations. During these unprecedented times, it is crucial for organisations to keep their employees engaged, motivated and informed. The HR Team can play a significant role in continuing the professional development of employees and embrace a culture of learning.

Introducing a learning platform will help your remote workforce to stay up-to-date with relevant courses, maintain mandatory certifications, help to cross-train and develop new skills.

SAP SuccessFactors Ready-2-Run Learning solution by itelligence

At itelligence, we offer Ready-2-Run (R2R) - a rapid implementation approach for SAP SuccessFactors’ Learning to address your most critical learning needs. The R2R approach fast-tracks your time-to-value and enables you to reap the benefits of the industry-leading learning solution in a matter of weeks. We wrap up more than 15 years of HR experience in a packaged solution:

  • Complete implementation package
  • Pre-delivered best practices, tools and content
  • Fixed implementation timeline and pricing (project time starting from as little as 12 days)
  • End-to-end process maps aligned with SAP SuccessFactors that set the solution in a business context
  • Agile implementation methodology securing faster end-user adoption and feedback
  • Administrative training and knowledge sharing
  • Guides and documentation
  • Remote delivery model resulting in limited deployment costs

SAP SuccessFactors’ Learning

Improve business results, boost productivity, and increase organisational competitiveness with a learning solution that allows you to develop leaders, assure compliance, and train external audiences. SAP SuccessFactors puts your employees at the centre of the learning experience – making them both teacher and student. Engaged employees will develop new skills, share ideas, and gain insights, making them more motivated and productive through:

  • Item, Curriculum, Programme Management
    The creation and administration of training events and materials
  • Scheduling, Enrollment and Resource Management
    The administration of classroom-based training schedules and participation
  • Online Content Management
    The upload and administration of online training materials
  • Assessment Management
    The creation and administration of quizzes and exams that can be added as online components to all training items

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Rapid implementation time 
  • Complete learning solution
  • Provide unlimited access to learning content
  • Track mandatory and compliance course completion
  • Remote delivery

If you are interested in how SAP SuccessFactors can help you create a culture of continuous learning and training in your organisation, please fill in the form and one of our consultants will get back to you as soon as possible.

Access the solution brief 

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