Free Data & Intelligence Virtual Workshop

The vision for the Intelligent Enterprise is underpinned by data and insight

Identifying, harvesting, curating and sharing business insights has never been higher up the agenda.

Every organisation is looking for something that can give them the edge. The ability to see the value in data from a variety of locations both inside and outside an organisation is critical.

COVID-19 has affected businesses in all sorts of different ways. New opportunities and threats have emerged in the wake of this crisis, and in many cases the entire business model of organisations has needed a complete overhaul. 

Some of the best innovation can come out of adversity and we have seen companies transform and re-organise themselves to survive and thrive in the face of the immediate challenges and in anticipation of the new reality as they emerge from this crisis.

You need to take a strategic approach to Data and Intelligence to uncover value in your business.


Set NTT DATA Business Solutions a challenge to solve in just one day...

NTT DATA Business Solutions has drawn on their considerable analytics expertise to create a free of charge ‘Rapid Insight’ engagement to discover, design and deliver an “in principle” solution to provide the rapid insights you need. During our structured one-day virtual engagement, we work with your business to identify challenges you are facing in these unprecedented times and then develop appropriate analytical prototypes to demonstrate potential solutions.

There are no software pre-requisites and we will seek to leverage your existing investments in Analytics wherever possible. Once approved, we can help you rapidly move these solutions into productive use.

The insights gained from this engagement will support you in realising new opportunities and circumventing the challenges that you face.


Solution at a glance

The virtual workshop adopts the Design Thinking principles:

  • Discover
    Work with business users to jointly agree the problem definitions. This is designed to be delivered with remote participants.
  • Design
    Build analytical prototypes to address the challenges faced by the business. This can incorporate business data where applicable.
  • Deliver 
    Review prototypes and associated recommendations with the business users.

    Following this 1-day virtual engagement, prototypes can be rapidly completed and provisioned for productive use; ensuring your business is proceeding with clarity and confidence.


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Free ‘Rapid Insight’ solution
  • Rapid 1-day virtual engagement
  • No software pre-requisites
  • Leverage existing Analytics investment
  • Deliver clarity and confidence to your business


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