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Harness the Power of Your Digital Core with Transparent Licensing from SAP

The journey to the 'Intelligent Enterprise' requires everything to be connected! Gone are the days of only your employees accessing mission-critical SAP systems with a unique user license. Today, you also need to connect indirect digital access via 3rd party apps, customers, suppliers, IoT devices and intelligent systems that all transact with your SAP digital core.

How to tackle SAP licensing in this complex digital world

The SAP Digital Access model is an innovative licensing model that removes the uncertainties related to licensing and enables SAP customers to license indirect access usage. The SAP Digital Access model is critical for customers to gain a clear picture of their SAP licensing so that they can remain compliant, mitigate risks and effectively plan their journey of SAP modernisation.

The SAP Digital Access model presents outcome based SAP licensing. You no longer need to track who or what
accesses your SAP system or how frequently.

Additionally, you only pay for documents that are processed in the SAP digital core. The result…No surprises!

Financial Incentive

The SAP Digital Access Adoption Program has been extended to 31 December 2021. SAP customers who license their current estimated document usage will receive a 90% discount on digital access licenses.

This attractive financial incentive is a positive move by SAP that solves the issues around 3rd party access and introduces a new license mechanism. Both SAP S/4HANA and SAP ERP customers gain a measurable, transparent and predictive approach.

How to get your full SAP license coverage

NTT DATA Business Solutions UK&I will work with you to craft a clear picture of your unique digital landscape to ensure accurate pricing.

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90% DIS

*Customer chooses measurability option
(A) Customer licenses at least 115% (15% growth) of current estimated document use and the license fee charged on this initial license transaction is only for such licensed growth.
(B) Customer licenses at least 100% of current estimated document use and receives a 90% discount on digital access.