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Existing SAP ERP systems will have reached the end of their life-cycles by 2027, meaning SAP will no longer support their maintenance and they will not benefit from further innovations. The longer you wait the higher the risk and cost to your organisation will be as the best resources become more scarce as the deadline approaches, Even if your company decides not to adopt S/4HANA immediately, you still need to consider the changes imminent with S/4HANA and create your plan.

NTT DATA Business Solutions offer a comprehensive set of assessment services drawn from our real-world experiences in more than 390 S/4HANA projects and over 150 S/4 HANA go-lives. We offer choice in the scope of the assessment ranging from a short high-level feasibility and path assessment through to a personalised, prioritised and sequenced living SAP roadmap for your organisation. Your fixed price, fixed scope assessment brings together our method, process, insight and powerful tools, delivering clear, structured rationale and recommendations allowing you to map your path to S/4HANA.


Ready to Become An Intelligent Enterprise?


  • Your strategic objectives
  • Process performance benchmarks
  • Industry Value Points



1 Week at a Cost of £9k to Make Your Case


  • Your opportunities to transform
  • Innovation insight
  • The value of S/4HANA




The Intelligent Enterprise - Questions You Will Have About Moving to SAP S/4HANA...

Can we convert what we already have?" "Do we have to re-implement?" "Do we have to go to the Cloud?" These are just some of the questions that we hear from customers when considering their move to SAP S/4HANA.  We have also covered other questions you may have below.


  • Why?
    • Should I move
    • Understand my benefit
    • Business value
  • Why Now?
    • Innovation gap to ECC
    • Early mover advantage
    • Minimise technical debt
  • When?
    • The right time
    • Sequence and dependencies
    • Living roadmap


  • How?
    • Transition paths
    • Process Impact
    • Investment & duration


  • Where?
    • On Premise, private datacentre or hyperscaler
    • Landscape & architecture impact
    • Business continuity

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